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What is the General Counsel Roundtable and How  Exactly Will It Help Me?

The General Counsel Roundtable is a team of 60 lawyers, economists, and other professionals, providing three types of solutions to corporate legal departments: (i) practical guidance relating to legal and compliance issues, (ii) proprietary tools designed to save in-house lawyer time, and (iii) robust data to help general counsel make decisions, business cases, and board presentations.

Rather than charge our clients on an hourly basis as do law firms and consultants (our closest competitors), the Roundtable charges a fixed annual fee per legal department, and this funds the resources and tools we provide.  The annual fee also pays for a dedicated service team to help each general counsel customize and roll out the solutions most relevant to them.  Moreover, the dedicated service team ensures that all legal department staff access relevant guidance and time-saving tools.

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